The Importance of Junior Year

December 14, 2020

Highschool is the shaping mold of future generations. It teaches students the basics from Algebra one to the American Government, but many do find a struggle while in Highschool. As Freshmen year is a steppingstone, and Sophomore year acting as a guide to students directing them to the right path, Junior year is probably the most critical year of Highschool. Junior year has SATs and ACTs, colleges strongly look at grades from Junior year, and students start to decide what is next after Highschool here.    


To begin with, Junior year is when students first start taking the SATs and ACTs. For example, “Some of the more highly competitive colleges also require some of the five subject-specific SAT Subject exams…” reported from Colleges want to see how well educated a student is all in one test. This is made more evident, according to, “SAT subject tests that will end up on your college applications.” SATs are a vital part that colleges will look at as they determine if potential students will excel in their university. Junior year is the year of necessary testing, as many juniors are taking statewide and nationwide tests.   


Also, Junior year is what colleges focus on when it comes to student’s transcripts. Whether or not a student starts with a rocky start or maintains a fantastic excellent point average, colleges compare Junior year with sophomore and freshman year. According to, “Since you won’t be finished with your last final by then, your senior grades won’t be listed on your applications.” Making junior year super important while a student applies to college. Without a full Junior year GPA, the college will be hesitant to accept a student into their school. Also, from, “A drop in grades can send up a proverbial red flag.” Colleges want to see students succeed. They do not wish to accept someone who will drop out. Suppose students start to flunk their classes a junior year, and then colleges will turn their shoulders on them. Junior year is drastic because colleges want to see outstanding performances during Junior year.  


For furthermore, an explanation of why Junior year is the most important is that Junior year is where most students chose to pursue their future potential careers. states, “It’s important to think about what you like to do, say, school counselors, because work will eventually be a big part of your life.” Junior year acts as a building block for young minds to ponder about their future. What they are working towards, or what they do not want to do in the future. According to, “Expose them to nature, the arts, science, museums, animals, travel, people…there are so many opportunities to enjoy together.” While in high school, students are exposed to many different topics and classes. It is Junior year, where a good chunk of them starts deciding what they want to do, so they surround themselves with people or the classes they choose to help them get in the right direction. 


In conclusion, Junior year is an essential school year, as it prepares students for the real world. Junior year has SATs and ACTs, colleges strongly look at grades from Junior year, and students start to decide what is next after Highschool here. Junior year acts as a guide in a teenager’s life.  



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