Have time to spare? It’s time to Self-Care!

Why you should be more aware of the importance of self-care.

Self-care is something people tend to look past. People may be struggling to manage home life, academics, clubs, sports, and more. With students and teachers trying to manage so much, many of us forget about taking care of ourselves.  Self-care comes in many different forms. Some include physical self-care, which according to projecthelping.org is “activities that improve your physical health.” This can include dieting and exercising. Another important aspect of self-care is emotional, which according to throughthephrases.com, is when we “bring our awareness to our emotions.” Another kind of self-care is academic.  This can help us achieve our goals and continue being great students.  

There are many more types of self-care but as students and teachers, these are important to focus on. To stay healthy, physical self-care is important. To stay happy and relaxed, emotional self-care is important. Finally, academic self-care helps us do better in school.  

There are even more benefits to self-care than some may think. Self-care can help relieve stress and anxiety. Taking that extra time to yourself to destress and focus on your well-being can help calm you down and relax. Additionally, according to Forbes.com, self-care can improve cognitive functions. According to a licensed psychologist, Dr. Russell Thackeray, people who take the time to self-care “have better focus” and “better concentration.”   

Taking time to yourself can also allow you to be more available to your friends. Everyone needs a support system. If your friend comes to you stressed or needing advice, you can introduce them to the importance of self-care or figure out ways to manage self-care into your schedule together. Dr. Thackeray says this can strengthen “the important relationships in your life.”  

Dr. Thackeray also talks about the “Pomodoro Technique.” This technique helps manage your time and insert “breaks into your schedule.” The Pomodoro technique looks something like this: “You work for a specific amount of time, usually around 25 minutes, then take a short break. You’ll come back feeling refreshed and recharged.” 

The Pomodoro Technique
This visually shows how to approach and perform the cycle. Make sure to repeat the cycle four times before taking a longer break!

Stories covering these three different types of self-care will be released soon. There will be helpful tips and tricks to reference to help with physical, emotional, and academic self-care. People are still struggling to recognize the importance of taking care of themselves, so future stories to come may work as a guide for you to follow towards self-care. Please keep a lookout for these stories. In the meantime, enjoy your break! You need time for yourself! 

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