Gender Discrimination in Athletics

Constant discrimination has been an ongoing problem in athletics. Women are paid less than men and they are not publicized as much as male athletes. Female sports are said to be less deserving than male sports.  

Big organizations such as the Olympics try to lessen the gender discrimination. The Olympics says that sports give women confidence and a sense of purpose. Sports at the high school level are widely discriminative when it comes to male and female sports. Many high schools including North Port High School see the difference of crowds where females are playing to males. Football and boys’ basketball games are on average way more crowded in the stands.  

According to “I thought the main issue in women’s sports was equal pay. I was wrong.” by Anya Alvarez in 2015 the US national women’s soccer team filed a wage discrimination act due to being paid less than a quarter of the male athletes although they generated 20 million dollars of more revenue. Their team gained a raise, increased bonuses, and more benefits. Then in March of 2019 they filed a lawsuit because woman sports are not promoted/advertised as much as men. Leading to less people watching and less money.  

The reason professional female athletes are not making as much money is because they don’t have enough money for marketing to gain the fanbase. Having that money would allow them to be paid as much as men, who have more money for marketing. In order to gain gender equality in sports the marketing and sponsorship of both male and female teams need to be equal. This would lead to equal pay between both genders

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