Ditch day

Caitlyn St. Germain

Performed by the NPHS Theatre Department, January 8, 9, and 10, 2021 

If you are wanting to watch a fun, laidback play, Ditch Day is the one for you. Ditch Day is a play set at Horace Handy Blender High, where it is traditional for students to ditch school the day before prom. Although the principal, Miss Claypool, finds out about these Ditch Day plans and vows to track down any wayward students. Cliff, Adeline, and their friends decide that they won’t let Miss Hayward ruin their plans and have their treasure hunt. Splitting up into teams, each find a little bit of trouble as Miss Hayward and her assistant, Miss Sparrow, try to track them down. Along the way they meet some new people and end up having a very exciting day. North Port High School put together a very lighthearted, and funny performance on opening night, Friday January 8th, of Ditch Day by Tim Kelly. 

 After a long week, it was nice to sit back and watch students involved in our High School theatre program do what they love. Some young actors and actresses really stood out with their performance. Miss Sparrow, Grace Williams, was a very enjoyable character to watch. Throughout the play, although she was considered a side character, whenever she was on stage the attention was drawn to her. Same goes for the bag-lady Trudy Everpopular, Jayden King, who used whatever stage time she had to make the audience laugh.  

All round this play was very amusing, and the hour and a half was full of laughter and smiles, seemingly going by quickly. Every student involved in this performance did an excellent job, and so did the crew members. The director, Ryan Oliver, did a very good job in relieving stress in these difficult times with this fun performance, all the while maintaining social distancing rules and mandating masks.