Impacts of the iPhone

Everyone knows about the iPhone but very few people know about the history of this device. The iPhone is a smartphone that is made from the company Apple. iPhones are the most popular item from Apple. iPhones help this company grow into improved products due to people buying their products. Many other companies try to copy Apple’s designs and the function of the phone.

The history of the iPhone goes back to the 2000s when the creator Steve Jobs decided to combine a multi-touch touchscreen and a tablet computer. This was considered the first iPhone, or iPhone 1, the audience went crazy and were utterly amazed how there was a multi-touchscreen and a home button, this was revolutionary in the world of smartphones. Due to people liking it and what not they have started making better carriers from OS to IOS1 and IOS2 at the start.

The second generation of the iPhone was improved by a lot, the device received 3G and became very connectively and cheaper due to the plastic rear casing. Apple had a choice between a black iPhone and a white iPhone. Then the iPhone 4 was redesigned in many ways. iPhone 4 was covered in glass from back to front. Furthermore, Apple has created a camera for facetiming people. Naturally, the camera was improved throughout the years into better quality. Later the iPhone 4 was majorly upgraded into an iPhone 4s that was faster, better quality, and better service.

Next-generation comes to the 5th generation of the iPhone which includes three models of this phone, iPhone 5, 5C, and 5S. The iPhone 5 has gained a better display for their phones. The phone upgraded more than the iPhone 4, having a better quality, more colors, and even made fingerprints for people to access their phones.

In conclusion, iPhone popularity is growing increasingly each day. iPhone has made great services in that case that is why many people prefer an Apple product as their smartphone. Because of this, Apple releases a new iPhone each year to make the newer and better usage than their old ones. iPhone linked with Apple will never lose its name because half the world chose Apple instead of another smartphone brand.

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