SPIN Night


Nick Village

Members of the color guard demonstrated their skills in the football field to show everyone what they do and get people interested in the program. February 3rd 2021

Anna Aviles

SPIN Night, also known as Student Parent Information Night, was held at North Port High School on February 3rd starting at 6:00pm and ending at 7:30 pm. Spin night was an event for upcoming freshmen and their parents to have the opportunity to get information about the classes offered at North Port High. This event would further help the new students obtain helpful information about the school which would additionally help them with scheduling their school schedule for the upcoming year. 

3 Members of the NJROTC in dress uniform standing at attention
3 Members of the NJROTC team standing by their both at spin night to recruit new freshman and show them what the program is about.
February 3rd 2021 (Nick Village)

The event began with a presentation at the Performing Arts Center where the students and families were able to get an overview of the school, class requirements, and programs such as the AICE program. After the presentation, with the help of the ROTC students, the parents and students were then directed to the school’s track where tables were set up that displayed information about the school’s programs, clubs, electives, and sports. Flyers were handed out, students were invited to sign up for clubs, and signs were displayed to give details about what the program offered. Clubs such as Key club, SGA, and True Colors gave out flyers of their meeting dates and additional information about the clubs. The dance VPA department, robotics/TSA, culinary, color guard, AICE program, language programs, and ROTC were offering information and teachers were giving overviews of their classes. Additionally, students of North Port High such as members of the NPHS VPA dance team, ROTC, sport and club members, and more also came to the event to provide extra information as well as their views on the programs. Color guard members were seen practicing on the field to spark interest in the upcoming freshman and culinary students offered food and pastries which they made themselves to the families who came. Sport extracurriculars such as weightlifting, golf, soccer, and football were also displaying their trophies and inviting people to join their sports team. After the SPIN night event ended at 7:30, the tables and set ups were taken down by the help of the ROTC students. 

5 Students standing at the table for TSa that they set up in the track
TSA members set up a booth to recruit upcoming freshman and get them interested in the program.
February 3rd 2021 (Nick Village)

Overall, the SPIN night event was a way to help get upcoming freshmen involved in the North Port High school community and receive information about the programs. More information about North Port High’s programs, clubs, sports, and more can be found on the school website, https://www.sarasotacountyschools.net/northporthigh, and the school can be contacted at (941)-423-8558 and located at 6400 West Price Boulevard.