Mental Health Services at Sarasota County Schools

Mental health is a part of an individual’s everyday life and is essential to our survival. The state of people’s mental health determines if they are motivated to do certain things or not. Mental health also affects how individuals look at certain things and ideas. It is especially important for people to keep their mental health in tip-top shape because it affects everything they do.  

The Sarasota County Schools website has information on mental health issues ranging from bullying, bullying prevention, elementary school safety, mental health tips, mental health tips for parents, departmental contacts, suicide prevention tips, and resources to school counselors and psychologistsAlso on the website, there are contacts of county social workers. 

There are also advisory lessons that are taught to students during certain periods. They go over different mental health illnesses and other topics that are requisite to a high school student’s personal knowledge. Some students perceive the advisory lessons as irrelevant to what they believe in when it comes to mental health. They may think that the videos don’t truly showcase all of the effects of mental health in one’s life. Also by improving these videos and lessons, students will find getting help and sharing their experiences easier for them. 

It is especially important for schools in Sarasota County schools to have mental health services within their campuses. Students may not feel comfortable with things going on at home, in school, or online. It is helpful to those students who are struggling in their current situations, and it can help future students who end up in those situations. 

Here are some links for mental health resources on the Sarasota County Schools website: 

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