Soccer Seasons End

Boys and Girls Soccer Programs Conclude Historic Year in the Regional Championships

March 3, 2021

Varsity Boys

Brotherhood: what the boys on this year’s soccer team shared with each other. The North Port High School boys’ varsity soccer team of 2021 worked harder than ever. These boys put so much effort and love into the game they loved. Together they played with courage and determination always pushing each other to be the best they could. During their last game of the season, they already broke school history by making it all the way to regional semi-finals. They came in with energy and throughout the entire game kept playing hard. With unfair game-changing calls, made by the referees, to injuries for our players made by the opponent, the game went to stressful penalties where the boys lost. The specific call that really determined the outcome of the game was a free kick given to Palmetto Ridge during the last 30 seconds of the game. The other team scored a goal with this unfair call and it went to overtime. Then neither team scored, and it went to penalties where the goalie of Palmetto blocked one of our players shot, leading to a 5-4 loss on penalty kicks.

It was sad and beyond frustrating, obviously because they lost, but more because the Bobcats honestly deserved this win. They never let up the entire game and if it were not for that one tough call, we would have won because we were winning 1-0. Sadly, so many beloved seniors were on this incredible team: Edgar Alejo #1, Trevor Brown #5, Jeremiah Bohdanets #7, Justin Crehore #8, Aiden Luce #9, Huguens Nevelus #10, Chris Lamela #11, Esteban Harker-Barnes #12, Jose Garcia-Mariscal #13, Elijah Telmanov #15, Daniel Bogdanets #19, and Anthony Simontchik #20. They will be greatly missed. Overall, our school should be so proud of the effort these boys put into each and every game. Cannot wait to see what the future holds for next season! 

North Port soccer team (guy) throwing a ball from the corner of the field
A North Port player makes a corner throw in the dramatic image

Varsity Girls

During the 2020-21 girls’ soccer season, the varsity girls, led by Coach Hans Duque, made it to the semi-final reginal game, which they had never done in NPHS history. The girls worked sohard to get to where they were, and the work ethic paid off. Before the ending of their season, the girls had previously won the district championship title which was an amazing accomplishment for this year’s team.

Even with new and old players leaving and coming, most players agreed that the most important thing was to play like a team, not individuals. “Working together as a team, no fighting, and no arguing,” #9 Sierra Spirk (‘23) of the varsity team says. The Lady Bobcats had a 12-6-2 season overall record. Coming together as a team really connected the girls, helping them in the long run when it came to the district and regional games. The girls that are returning next year are sad to see the seniors go but have a positive outlook on next year’s up and coming team, welcoming new members and continuing to field a memorable and enjoyable team, Consider it a promise from Team Captain #12 Aleena Purvis (‘21), “My role as a captain has not changed the last two years: keep the team’s heads up at all times, help coaches out, talk during the game to help teammates out,“ Aleena says.

North Port Girls soccer team player walking towards the left side of the picture proudly
The girls had an amazing season this year

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