Follow Up to The Importance of Junior Year

Leny Ocasio, Editor

What about mental health? What about my well-being? What about stress? Are all great questions and can be answered with due time. A potential threat to the importance of Junior year has come up, which has led to a follow-up on the original article. Many people acknowledge Junior year as being one of the toughest years of high school if not the toughest.  The threat in question is COVID-19. Many students have been struggling to find a proper balance between home life and school life. 

While interviewed Junior, Alina Fauly had something mindful to say. 

How has COVID-19 shifted your viewpoint on school?  

“COVID-19 has shown me that school doesn’t always be the top priority and it’s ok to take a break occasionally to properly balance school with daily life.” 

Some advice regarding the stress of being a junior and COVID-19 is to take breaks. To calm down and to get it done. It may feel like things keep piling up, but students who work hard deserve a break from time to time.