How to Stay Organized: Remote Learner Edition


Leny Ocasio, Editor

With the winter months passing by and spring break on the horizon, many online learners rejoice! The time to stretch their feet and not sit in front of a monitor all day is a sign of relief. However, many of them need tips and tricks on keeping things tidy to have optimal study time once the class is back in session. 

Tip number one: 

Keep a calendar or a planner of things that are coming up! It helps students know when projects are due.

Tip number two:  

Keep a to-do list to help you turn in assignments.  It is very satisfying to cross things off.  It truly helps never to have a missing assignment. 

Tip number three:  

Keep your school supplies organized. It helps to know where everything is. 

Spring cleaning helps people have an operational learning environment. These tips and tricks also pertain to brick and mortar students as well!