How Do You Listen To Books?

Different people use audiobooks for different purposes. Some people listen to audiobooks to help them study while others listen to audiobooks in their free time. While one person might prefer listening to books on a smartphone, another might find that books on CD work best, and not everyone who enjoys listening to audiobooks listens to them regularly.  

In an interview with three girls at the library a few weeks ago, I asked questions about how and when they used audiobooks, and I was surprised by the answers they gave me. They were not the answers I was expecting. I was expecting all three girls to explain in great detail their experiences with and selections of audiobooks, and say that they enjoy reading and read often. But none of the three girls said anything along those lines.  

They all said rather that they did not read much either because they do not have time, or because they just do not read in general. However, I do not think it is because they do not enjoy reading; they are simply lukewarm about it. All of these girls are Freshmen. Lilyanna Gotcher says she does not read much, but when she listens to audiobooks she does it because it is an assignment from a teacher. Giulia Meixner said she uses audiobooks to help her study for tests. Like Lilyanna, Giulia said she does not have time to read. Sabrina Shmachin said she only reads audiobooks when required and prefers online or E-books in her free time. All three girls did agree that listening to audiobooks would help them in comprehending what they are reading. 

I would like to suggest that it would be helpful to students who would like to listen to audiobooks but do not have time if they download an app on their phone to listen to books for free if they can find one. You can listen to audiobooks before bedtime when you are getting ready for school in the morning, and if you are an upperclassman who drives a car, on your way to school, to work, and back. Some app suggestions are Hoopla and Loyal Books, and paid audiobook subscriptions include Audible and Amazon also has free audiobooks, and Apple users can get audiobooks for free. 

Not only do other students access digital reading services, but since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, libraries in Sarasota County have been providing the community with more access to electronics and a wider variety of books to choose from, including audiobooks. The libraries have prerecorded videos so that little kids can listen to stories and people can call the library if they would like to listen to a story or a joke. Libraries have changed since they first came to the United States and updated their technology to keep up with the times. I hope libraries in the future will offer more of a selection of electronic and CD audiobooks and that more people in the community will check out audiobooks from their school and public libraries.  

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