APRIL FOOLS’ DAY: How to get Straight A’s 

March 31, 2021

By Ariana Ferguson

Every child’s parents strive to get them to get straight A’s. Parents don’t understand how hard it is. They pressure their children and threaten to ground them if they don’t get the grades they please. However, I am about to give you the best tips, tricks, and cheats into getting Straight A’s. First, you can not forget this step. It is the most important step into getting the best grades. Do not do your homework. This may be surprising but it is the key to straight A’s. Secondly, sleep in class. You have to sleep in class so you aren’t tired while you throw away your homework after school. You have to make sure to rest your body. Third, answer C on every single question for every single test. C is the luckiest letter and you will get 100% on every test. If you follow these 3 tips you will land yourself an A honor role certificate to bring home to your parent. 

By Julie Shkraba

High school is a daily thing but not so importantso it’s important that you know the ways to pass classes so you can graduate. It is not too important to do well in classes and make sure you never do homework. Seriously, it is a waste of time. Other thigs like video games and Netflix are way more important than schoolworkMake sure to not pay any attention to what is going on in school, you won’t ever need the information later in life anyway. A great tip for that is to always keep in your headphones so you don’t hear your teacher’s lecture.  Also, it’s important to not show up, at least be late to classes, this will help you pass your classes, never be on time. I recommend to always be on your phone texting, you must keep up with your social life somehow. It is so important to not care about learning 

Make sure you are always distracted in class. Talk to your friends the whole class instead of listening to your teachers. Socializing will help you pass your classes, not actually doing the work. It is so important to form a bad sleeping schedule. Why get eight hours of sleep at night when you can take a nap in 2nd period? Taking naps at school just hits different, I think it’s probably those hard desks that do the trick. Graduating high school is a must. So, making sure you are distractedon your phone, and never do your classwork is necessary. Most importantly make sure you have a fun time, don’t worry too much about your future, you can’t do anything to change it anyway! So just go to high school to have fun. 




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