APRIL FOOLS’ DAY: Senior Varsity Football Announced

April 1, 2021

NPHS Varsity football team sits on the bleachers in their navy uniforms.
Just think! With the addition of the mandatory Senior Varsity Football Program, you can be a member of the team!

The Sarasota County Athletic Department has just announced that they are making a mandatory senior football league that every senior in Sarasota County will have to be in. This is because the county has discovered many players that went undiscovered in high school for multiple different reasons (confidence issues, lack of funds to purchase or rent football gear, not having time to practice, etc.) “We want to test the athletic abilities of those who might not be able to join varsity, or even junior varsity. Come out and play!” says the Athletic Board on the senior varsity league on Friday. Almost every school in Sarasota County is going to have a senior team. This new league is starting next season and practice times are still being decided. “It sucks because I’m graduating and won’t be a part of it.” Tim Thomas says on Monday during an interview. This will help seniors discover if they have great athletic ability and could line them up for an athletic scholarship in their future. This could also affect current varsity players that do have football in their future because of the limited play time due to the number of seniors there will be playing on the team. 

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