The Debate for Social Media’s Fate

    Social Media Platforms

    Debate for social media’s fate. Social media has been and always will be incredibly diverse. As of now the top three social media platforms are Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. I have interviewed three people per platform this is what they had to say. In order to assist on my journey to find the best social media platform these opinions with be heavily taken into consideration. 


    Tik Tok 

    TikTok being the youngest app of the three, (made in 2016). One of Brianna Mortenson’s favorite thing about TikTok is “Probably that I have a choice between my following page and for you page, and that I can save things. This is because it’s easier to find thing that is favorited rather then, going through all my liked TikToks and I’d rather have an option to see who I want on my page”. Favoriting posts seems to be a common agreement among students. Tori Kolodski-Gordon said that favoriting posts is also one of her favorite things about TikTok. Jenna Buechler’s favorite thing about TikTok is being able to block other people. Being able to block people is an important feature to have, epically on a website were adults and minors are expected to coexist. Jenna and Tori don’t think anything should be added to TikTok. Brianna, however think that TikTok should add an auto scroll feature, so the app can be more practical in situations where both of her hands is busy. 



    Out of the three applications Instagram has been around the longest having been made in 2010. Jennifer Johnson, an ELA teacher at North Port High School who has been on Instagram since 2012. When asked what her favorite feature is Johnson said “When I first started using it, I liked that it was another way to post pictures and communicate with friends, but we could only post one picture at a time. Now, I like being able to post more than one photo, and I like Reels, mostly because I like watching the short clips of pets doing funny things”. As a long time, user, I trust her opinion however, when I interviewed Damien Auxier, he said that the reels are his least favorite thing about the Instagram app. Damien said the reels are the “worse-version of Tik Tok”. The reels are at a natural standpoint. All the interviewees could agree that the messaging feature is useful. All of them use Instagram mainly for the messaging feature. John Fish wishes that Instagram had a call feature on its website. Damien wishes that you could check voice messages before you send them. Jennifer Johnson wouldn’t change the app at all. Overall, most of the interviewees like Instagram and are satisfied with the app. 



    Snapchat is unlike Instagram and TikTok having only one feature where you can view pictures without having the person in mind directly send it to you. That feature being stories. Instagram has stories as well, yet Snapchat was the first app to come out with stories. Graham Bowman’s favorite feature on Sanpchat is the stories. Nicholas Troyer a teacher at NPHS said “If you’re in a store, or in the car (not driving, of course) and a song is playing that you don’t know, you can open snapchat and hold your finger on the screen to scan. Snapchat will listen to the song and tell you the artist and song title”.  That is a very nifty tool to have, however Google also does this, so unless you can’t use Google then this feature shouldn’t be that important to you. One of snapchats biggest and mostly known feature is their filters. Cheyenne Miller likes that the filters can alter your appearance. That’s one of the many things that the filters can do they can generate things (depending on the filter), make funny thing pop up in your picture, etc. All three interviewees use Snapchat primarily to talk to other people. Snapchat is a swell app that can be very practical. 


    In conclusion, Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok are useful and funny. TikTok is a very time-consuming app while snapchat is a respond and go kind of deal. All three apps are entertaining and good for chatting with other users. Most features on one app at least on one of the other apps. Really the app you pick and enjoy is based on personal preference.