APRIL FOOLS DAY: Best Products to Ensure Healthy Hair for Summertime!

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Don’t use professional chemically-treated hair products on your hair. Save money! Use these tips and common household food items to have great beach hair!

It’s April! Summertime is just around the cornerSummer is also one of the most important times of the year to treat your hair. Swimming pools filled with chlorine can damage your hair as well as the sun’s rays. Luckily for us, hair experts have revealed some groundbreaking products that ensure healthy hair and don’t kill your wallets! Stuff most people have sitting in their homes. This list will save you and your hair from damage and be summer-ready! 

  1. Maple Syrup: This may be a shock to some but maple syrup (best used in hair chilled), is very good for the hair! It provides a crusty shell to the hair ensuring that the hair within the shell stays healthy and protected. Syrups of affordable brands can be purchased from anywhere between 2-3 dollars, making this product extremely affordable. Walmart’s “Great Value” brand is known to give the best results. 
  2. Gum: Gum is great for the hair! It provides a protective layer that helps mattify your hair and reduce oils. Gum can also be stretched into a hair tie for people with longer hair. It’ll hold your hair in place for at least 12 hours! 12 packs of gum can cost anywhere from 1-2 dollars, so likewise, this is very affordable and effective. 
  3. Melted Chocolate: Melted chocolate helps give the hair a great scent as well as makes hair colors more vibrant. It will add extra shine to the hair when reflected in the sunlight. Make sure not to overheat the chocolate, it should be melted in the microwave in five-second intervals. A chocolate bar can be purchased (depending on size) anywhere between 1-3 dollars! 
  4. Marshmallow Fluff: A consistency like gum but fluffier. This almost works like hair mousse, keeping it in place throughout the day. The fluff will prevent fizziness that some may experience due to the humidity in the summertime. You can purchase marshmallow fluff for around 2-3 dollars! 

Get ready for the summer by purchasing these affordable products you can use in your hair! Don’t waste close to 10 dollars on hair products when you can purchase products from the grocery store that are far more affordable and do the exact same thing! Also, remember, happy April fool’s day! 

DISCLAIMER: Do NOT use any of these products in your hair! They are for edible purposes only!