April 1, 2021

To say it has been a tough, long year for everyone would be an underestimate. There truly are no words to describe the impact of the COVID-19 virus. Although this worldwide pandemic has affected everyone of all ages, most would argue that the teen and young adult generation have felt it the most. As a teen, I personally experienced the loss of half of junior year, spending senior year completely remote, all while trying to juggle the college application and decision process by myself. As most people know I have the attention span of a squirrel and cannot sit still to save my life. So, instead of doing classwork, I surfed the internet for necessities to having fun, and forgetting you’re in a global pandemic.



1. Hand Sanitizer Christmas Ornament ($16)

This simply ornament which can be found on Amazon, is perfect for forgetting that you are in a global pandemic. Instead, it takes the liberty of only reminding you every time the bells start to ring, and the streets are filled with choirs. Hand sanitizer has been deemed vital during this past year, and only seeing this during Christmastime will make you forget this year’s trauma.

2. A Funny Face Mask ($13.19)

Masks have become the blueprint for fashion over the past year. And while they are vital to stopping the spread of the virus, it is hard to make them fashionably acceptable, and most people do not like letting the bottom half of their face be seen. This mask is perfect for showing all your inner beauty on the outside of your mask!

3.‘No Tear’ Toilet Paper

For some odd reason, since the beginning of the pandemic, toilet paper has been a vital necessity. In the first few months of the pandemic alone during 2020, you could not find a single roll of toilet paper. With this gag gift, you can have all the fun you want!



4.Useless Box ($15.99)

Those who receive this box will find that this box is in fact, useless. Although the box does open, people will find that it still is barely big enough to hold anything and deem it unusable, making it the perfect gift for anyone bored!

5.Canned Unicorn Meat

In the middle of a pandemic, you can’t go out to eat, except at your local fast food restaurants. People get tired of cooking and making things, and Unicorn Meat is your perfect alternative to cooking on a daily basis!


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