APRIL FOOLS’ DAY: Understanding Lip Reading in 2021!

April 1, 2021

Lip reading is a fun and helpful way of communicating with other people. For instance, it is super helpful to understand how to properly read lips, especially if one is hard of hearing! This way, it will allow you to practice lip reading as well as helping hard of hearing friends out or helping yourself out. Additionally, with the new times and circumstances of the world, lip reading is totally accommodating to other people if they are having trouble understanding what one is saying through the masks! So, why not read their lips instead? It’s a simple yet easy way to really grasp what words are coming out of their mouths. In order to fully comprehend the practice of lip reading though, there are some helpful tips to guide you on lipreading. 

Logan King speaks through a megaphone while wearing his mask.
If you learn to lip-read through a mask, people won’t need to use a megaphone to speak to you in the hallways!

Looking at lip movements, shapes, and patterns is essential when it comes to reading lips. For example, memorizing the different shape patterns of emotion would help you understand the person’s emotional state. Moreover, Understanding the movements of various consonants and vowels will boost your knowledge of lip reading further. You can easily practice this with other people in public while staying 6 feet apart and wearing masks, residing by the rules! Just take a look at which letters creates specific mouth movements and piece together somewhat of a comprehensible sentence. And, hey! Who knows? Maybe you’ll be able to master lip reading to the point where you can understand just about anyone’s conversations.  


Additionally, letting other people know you are trying to lip read can be very beneficial as a learning tool. When you inform another peer that you are trying to practice your lip-reading skills, they will make sure to slow their talking down and clearly pronunciation their sentences. Make sure to keep those masks on, though! Don’t want to break the COVID-19 rules now do you? Now keep these tips in mind when lip reading out into the world. Hopefully they are informative enough for you to lip read in public adequately, and safely! 

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