APRIL FOOLS’ DAY: Transcribers Don’t Know How To Transcribe Print To Braille: Should They Be Fired?

April 1, 2021

This morning, I opened up a new Braille textbook, and found that there were many things wrong with it. Sure, the transcribers are only human and make mistakes, but these transcribers should find another profession (or are they human?) The cover of the book said GEOMETRY, but when you open up to the first page, only a blind person can read it to understand that it’s a recipe for chicken alfredo on Page 59 of a cookbook. The second page has information on the invention of the water gun, and the third is an excerpt from one of Abraham Lincoln’s lesser-known speeches. The following pages were Page 63 of a Physics textbook, Page 150 of the play Hamlet, an excerpt from a Harry Potter book, and a sixth-grade Math lesson.

Clearly this book was not transcribed by anyone professional, or at least not any professional dequate enough to have been hired. Sure enough, on the very first page before the Table of Contents, below the Publishing Company and the Copyright date was a Braille transcribing group called the Know-Nothing Braille Idiots, a group of young blind aliens who came to the Earth to abduct and transcribe books into Braille for humans, but Braille was one human-made code aliens were not advanced enough to decipher, so this Braille group took pages out of books and put them together, bound the book, and called it GEOMETRY, copying the name of their stolen textbook. So that explains the tactile spaceship on the front! I guess this Braille book really is from out of this world!!!

Were your new textbooks transcribed by aliens?
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