Guys and Dolls Presented by NPHS Theatre Department

by Isabelle Lungay

North Port High School organized a play based on the 1950 Broadway show called ‘Guys and Dolls.’ In this 2 hour musical production, Guys and Dolls was about gamblers Nathan Detroit and Sky Masterson creating a bet with one another to bring a ‘Doll’, a girl, to Havana. The ‘Doll’ refers to a good girl, as Sky Masterson brought Sister Sarah Brown to Havana completing the bet. Little did he know, he would eventually catch feelings for her and the two struggle with miscommunication. On the other hand, Nathan Detroit has been having problems with both his gambling addiction and his long-time girlfriend, Miss Adeline. Eccentric Adeline has been wanting to be married now, however, Nathan Detroit just does not have the time to pop the question as he is so obsessed with gambling alongside his friend Benny Southstreet. Towards the end of the play, Miss Adeline convinces Nathan Detroit to marry her in a quick ceremony as Sky Masterson leaves the life of gambling to stay with Sister Sarah Brown. 


Cheyenne Bethune practices the spotlight for the musical. Cheyenne said, “Working the spotlight can be difficult when the actors are moving around constantly.”
The theatre students perform a scene from Guys and Dolls where the characters watch a performance known as The Hot Box dancers. Julia Fritz, Emma Cooley, Kylee Patterson, Lily Musick, and Jenna Vece are performing with the main female lead Emilee Mckelvy. She is dressed in a scarecrow costume while she is singing a little ditty about love.


During the production of the show in the PAC, at the very beginning there was a funny mishap that happened backstage with one of the assistant manager’s. One of their mic’s got stuck on the curtain as it was rolling up, causing the play to stop for a few minutes before continuing the show. Nevertheless, it did not change anything as the rest of the show continued to flow smoothly. Aden Lillivold, a Sophomore at North port High school, played a great rendition of Nathan Detroit. It wasn’t hard to tell that he was definitely so invested in the role, and delivered his character in a great way. Miss Adeline was one of the strongest singer’s in the production, and her acting was absolutely stunning. The entire cast of the Guys and Dolls was cast by Miss Henderson, the school’s Theatre Director. 


In conclusion, the production of Guys and Dolls at North Port High School was a successful show. It kept the audience intrigued with the story, and stunned the audience with the casts’ singing skills. For producing a show in the middle of a pandemic while wearing masks, they have seriously done their best to capture the story to their abilities. 


The leader of the Fundamentalist Christians Sarah Brown (Terri Buan) meets the man Sky Masterson (Dave Pitts) she will fall in love with after singing a ballad.