New Principal Announced

    Shannon Fusco has been selected as the new principal for North Port High School.

    North Port High School is having a principal change. Although we are sad to see Mr. Brandon Johnson leave after 5 years at NPHS, we wish him well with his next step of his career. Mr. Johnson is assuming a role that oversees elementary schools. “I will be in charge of all the elementary schools, all the principals that run elementary school, so on and so forth,” said Mr. Johnson in a recent interview with NPHS Senior Amaleigh Gilfert. We are happy for the amazing opportunity he has earned.  

    We are happy to welcome Mrs. Shannon Fusco to the principal role. Fusco is an outstanding staff member of North Port High School. Before she was assistant principal at North Port Highshe first earned her bachelor’s degree from Stetson University before going on to graduate studies at Nova Southeastern University. She has previously worked as the Dean of Students at Lake Placid Middle School and the Principal of DeSoto County High School, and currently serves as Assistant Principal of Curriculum here at North Port High School, which is good news for us because she is well prepared. Clearly, Fusco is very qualified for this role, due to her many years of experience. Fusco will take over as principal on July 1, 2021. Very good things are expected for NPHS and her future years as principal!