Senior Pictures for the Class of 2022: What Do You Want it to Be?

    The senior years of high school are often the most memorable times of your life with emotions varying from joyful excitement to dreadful panic. But how will you remember it 50 years down the line? You probably won’t be able to remember the moment where the real world both shook your hand with care and then proceeded to punch you in the face. One way to remember the good parts of senior year is through pictures. There are many options for the types of pictures available. North Port High School has teamed up with Cady Photography Studios to provide you with some memorable options. On the website, Cady offers various options for photo shoots to choose from.  The website has multiple ways to put your face in a frame which can get complex, jumbled, and can make you more overwhelmed than your first day of freshmen year being piled with tons of homework. I’m here to help you understand your options, deadlines, and cost, so you up and coming seniors don’t get confused and miss out. Say “cheese” and I also hope you have a credit card! 


    There are three types of experiences: Traditional, Most Popular and Elite. Traditional is standard with decent prices and different options. Traditional has three ways to take your picture. The first option is the Simple Session, the most basic option, costing $30. However, as is expected with the price, this option sticks to the basics and offers your Yearbook, Cap & Gown, and one choice of background. Simple Sessions are available here at North Port High School, with the first being on July 21. With the Simple Session you can choose Exposure or Brick for your studio background.


    The next Traditional option is the Standard Session. This option is moderately priced at $50 and offers two scenes plus Yearbook and Cap & Gown. The length of time for the session is 45 minutes. If you choose this option, you could go to one of Cady’s fancy studios in Tampa or Orlando, where you’ll choose from their stylish scenes to use as a background. The final option is the Legacy Session. As it is the final option in this experience, it’s the most expensive starting at $75. This option is also the longest at one hour, and includes three scenes plus Yearbook and Cap & Gown. All three options in the Traditional Session choices have packages that you can purchase based on your photos.  The package prices range between $179 and $750 depending on the number and type of prints selected. 


    The upgraded option is the Most Popular experience. This experience only has one option with four studio scenes, outdoor options, and included retouching.  This pricier option includes a personalized presentation of the pictures. At an hour and 30 minutes, this session is an event worth traveling to the Tampa studio to enjoy.


    The final experience is nothing short of its namesake: The Elite Experience.  There are three levels: The Elite, Elite Plus and Elite Unlimited.  These options include Yearbook, Cap and Gown photos, as well as unlimited studio scenes, three destination choices, a personal photographer, wardrobe options, retouching, and hair and makeup options. Because of this, they’re naturally expensive from $199 to $299. The picture packages are even more expensive ranging from $199 to over $2000.  


    The experiences that you are given by the company can be short and sweet and nice to look at every now and then. But they can be swoon inducing as well. As rising seniors, we should already have an idea of the differences in wants and needs. Pictures like these are a prime example: Do you really want to purchase pictures of yourself that cost you big time bucks for a good look or would you rather keep it short, simple, and inexpensive? Whatever be the case for you, Cady Photography Studios is here for the task of making your graduation picture perfect.  Be sure to check the Cady website and review all the options and the details of each option, and then, just maybe, select the one your mom prefers.