Class of 2022: Schedule Your Senior Pictures Now!


    Rising Seniors of the Class of 2022, now is the time to schedule your senior portraits through Cady Photography.  You must have your portrait taken by Cady to be in the senior section of our yearbook.  Sign up now to receive limited time promotion of a free scene shot in June.  Our first session here at North Port High School is on July 21.

    Bookings have already started, so go to to schedule your appointment.  Below is guidance on how to book an appointment. 


    1. When you first log onto you will be asked to “Start Now” unless you already have a Cady account. You can create an account now or later. Your account will also let you preview your proofs and choose your Yearbook pose once you have had your picture taken.
    1. Clicking the “Start Now” button allows you to search for North Port High School, type that in and when NPHS comes up click on the select button.
    1. Next you are asked to “CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE” – Cady has scenes that match any style and personality. Select all your favorite scenes to see Cady’s recommendation of what session and location is right. If you want to get your pictures done at NPHS, the only choices they bring to our school are: Yearbook, Exposure, and Brick. But, you can select all of your favorite scenes. Each scene has a + mark which when clicked on will give you Cady’s thoughts on the scene and the colors that work with it.  You can also scroll right and left for other pictures in the scene to see different looks.  Once you have identified the scenes you like, select them by clicking the heart outline. 
    1. Next you need to schedule your photo shoot session.  Based on your scene selection in step 3, Cady will make a recommendation as to which session they think would be best for you.  In this step Cady will list all the types of sessions. Scroll down and choose “Simple Session” if you just want the basics. Each session listed has some information on what you will get for the price. By no means do you have to take the session they recommend.  If you scroll down, you will have the option to choose any of their sessions.  The sessions include the following: Elite, Elite Plus, Elite Unlimited, Most Popular, Legacy, Simple and Standard, which I explain here.
    1. Once you select a session you will be asked to confirm your scenes.  This section will tell you how many scenes to select and to select them just click on the circle.  If you select scenes that were not include with the session you picked, you will be offered an option to add these scenes for an additional fee. At the bottom of the scene selection, Cady will tell you how many scenes to choose. The Simple Session includes the Yearbook scene plus one studio scene. Click continue when you are through selecting scenes.
    1. After clicking Continue, you can opt to add more scenes for an added cost. More scenes may change your studio location from NPHS to the Tampa or Orlando studio.
    1. The next option is to add “Extras” for an added cost.  You can add things such as hair styling and make up. Many “Extras” are limited to Elite sessions at the studio. You may also get the option for Artist Touch, Cady’s basic Retouching option which you have to Deselect if you do not want it. Then choose Continue to schedule your session.
    1. The next step is to select your session date, location, and time.  If you choose the studio location, there are two options.  The first studio option is in Tampa and the second is in Orlando.  If you select the “school” locations, then North Port High School shows up.  For some of the sessions chosen North Port High may not be a option.  You may have to go to their studio or to a destination for photos.  There are maps to show the studio locations.  Once you have a location that meets the requirements of your selected session, then you can use the calendar to select a date.  The first NPHS sessions are on July 21. Once the date is selected there is an option for a time frame. Click Continue.
    1. A summary screen appears that summarizes all your choices. Create your account now. The email address you give here will be the same email address where they send your proofs, so double-check your spelling!

    A few reminders:

    • A Senior Portrait Session is the only way to have your senior portrait in the 2022 NPHS Legend Yearbook.
    • Cady Studios brings only the Yearbook, Exposure, and Brick backgrounds when they hold studio sessions here at NPHS.
    • If you receive a photo portfolio and you do not want to keep it, make sure to return it promptly to avoid added charges.
    • Senior Portrait Sessions at NPHS do fill up. Schedule early to ensure you get the session you want.