Spring Football Game


In the game North Port vs. Desoto on May 28, teammates watch and root as their teammates play. Florencio Chavez and Kristian Francis sub each other in the second quarter. North Port ended up with a great win against DeSoto 49-23.

Caitlyn St. Germain

On Friday night, May 28th, North Port High School’s spring football team played against Desoto High School’s team. This game was the first of the 2021-2022 season, but ended our 2021 school year for athletics. Ending the year on a high note, North Port won with the score 49-27.  

Within the first couple minutes of the first quarter, North Port scored a 70-yard touchdown run, done by Jeremiah Laguerre. Starting off the game strong allowed North Port to keep a strong lead throughout the entirety of the game. With passes thrown by both Sean Silverberg and Evan Burger throughout the game. Again, in the 1st quarter, Jeremiah caught an interception for North Port. He also caught another later in the 2nd quarter. Altogether Jeremiah Laguerre had a great game. In the 2nd quarter, Sean Silverberg had a 25-yard touchdown run putting the score at 29-12. Ending the game with a 83-yard touchdown run by Jeremiah Laguerre with the pass from Sean Silverberg.  

Overall, this final game of the season was a great one and a fun game to watch. If you want to have a chance to be involved with your community in North Port, going to see the local high school football games are always a blast. Come out to a game and support your fellow Bobcats!

Teammates Sean Silverberg (quarterback), Jarrell Shindel (wide receiver) and Florencio Chavez (wide receiver) watch their team’s defense take DeSoto on the goal line to defend from a touchdown. As they watch, they also talk about their game plan on offense.

Photos courtesy of Florencio Chavez