End of the Year Concerts


Sarah Quackenbush

LAST CONCERT OF THE 2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR: June 1stand 2nd was the end-of-year concert for North Port High School’s wind and jazz ensemble and symphonic and concert band. This year’s seniors presented a slideshow to say farewell to their band director Dr. Bradley. 9th-grade band member Sophia Singh said that “the crowd loved the performance,” of the symphonic and concert bands version of The Mandalorian.

Sarah Quackenbush


The end of the year concert was on June 1st and 2nd. On the first night symphonic and concert bands performed and on June 2nd the wind and jazz ensemble performed. The symphonic and concert bands performed a fan favorite: The Mandalorian. According to Sophia Singh (9th-grade band member) who plays the trumpet and french horn, “the crowd loved the performance of The Mandalorian.”

The second night the wind and jazz ensemble performed three pieces including selections from the Broadway musical “Hamilton” and the original Star Wars score. The seniors’ last concert was a bittersweet moment for everyone there that night. The girls in the band graduating this year wore red flowers and the boys in the band graduating this year wore red bow ties. Arguably the most teary-eyed moment in the concert is when the seniors presented a surprise slideshow for the band director, Dr. Bradley.

he seniors put together a slideshow containing a slide for each senior with a special note to Dr. Bradley from them.

Lots of awards were handed out to the band members showing exemplary talent. The John Philip Sousa Award was given to senior Logan King. Camilla Filmanowicz performed a solo and was awarded a Patrick Gilmore award for wind ensemble. Dylan Breuer was awarded the Louis Armstrong Award for jazz ensemble. Lastly, Declan Schulte was given the Woody Herman Award.