Finally Vaccinated!


As of today, my family is fully vaccinated. Me and dad got ours on Friday of last week. Tommy (my brother) got his on Monday and my mom got hers on Wednesday. It is important for our family because we want to go back to normal and this is a step forward in the right direction. We have so many things we would like to do.  

In the summer, my Grandpa is getting married which is huge. This will be the first major event to happen since this thing started. We are excited about it. I have gotten to know her on a personal level, and she is lovely and bubbly and full of life. She was a nurse for a very long time and just grew in love and happiness. We cannot wait to meet her. Then also over the summer we are going to a B&B in Savannah Georgia. We have never done that before so that will be so exciting. We are also doing Orlando so we may do Universal or Disney which is also fun.  

We have been looking forward to being fully vaccinated for a very long time. This is big for our family. We have so much to look forward to. We can do almost anything now so that is just amazing. Thank you to the doctors and nurses who developed the vaccine and those who put them in arms.  Without you this would not be possible.  

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