The Remote Learner Story: Covid-19

   In March 2020 was the month everything has changed for us. Covid it was, changed everyone and everything. It was a sadder and harsher environment. Covid has affected all of us during this pandemic. However, the impacts and the consequences have been different ever since COVID. While some people try and get used to online, homeschooling, and ordering food and groceries. Many people have no choice but to be exposed to it. Covid has been killing people on such a large level/scale. More than 7.7 million people (about twice the population of Oklahoma) have tested positive for this virus in October. 213.876 people have died in the United States from this virus. Finally, everything was on lockdown and all of us people around the world had to quarantine at home, could not get out the house due to things closing hours before they are supposed to. Some stores even closed fully for a couple of months.  

  While stuck in quarantine we people had to do what we had to do to prevent getting sick and even getting others sick. This may have been a really challenging time for some people because being stuck in a house for weeks can get very boring. My family and I had to find a lot of things to do fun together so we would not get bored. Half the time I would go tanning or play volleyball in my backyard. It was a tough time for me especially because I am used to going out and with all this going on I could not go out at all and could not even see my friends or my other family. During quarantine so many latest trends came out LOL, like homemade coffee, tanning, shopping etc.  

    Suddenly, many doctors were trying to make a vaccine for this covid-19. Getting the vaccine makes it so much better for you and me. This helps people around me not get it and even I will not get covid if I have the vaccine. My dad got sick with Covid to the point where he had to go to the hospital and stayed there a week. It hit him bad he could barely breath and the vaccine would have prevented this from him. As he got out of the hospital, he has gotten the vaccine for his health and for the better. This vaccine is safe and is effective for C

ovid. Once you get fully vaccinated after your 2
nd shot you can start doing more, and you are a lot safer, this will be better and more fun for you in the future!! 

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