“Out of Field” Teachers 2021-2022

    Instructional Updates

    In accordance with State Board Rule 6A-1.0503 Definition of Qualified Instructional Personnel, members of the North Port High School community must be notified of instructional staff categorized as out-of-field as of the start of the 2021-2022 school year. Please contact APC Mr. Merlin Schenk with any questions regarding this information.

    • Mr. Jimmy Barker: ESL Endorsement
    • Mr. Eric Barnes: ESL Endorsement
    • Mr. Garon Belser: ESL Endorsement, Health K-12 Certificate
    • Mr. Jody Chelette: ESL Endorsement
    • Ms. Dawn Contin: ELA 6-12 Certificate
    • Mr. Luke Davis: ESL Endorsement
    • Mr. Matt Egloff: ESL Endorsement
    • Mr. Nick Hamer: Health K-12 Certificate
    • Ms. Julianne Havard: Physics 6-12 Certificate
    • Mr. Earl Iler: ESL Endorsement
    • Ms. Nichole Kennedy: ESL Endorsement
    • Ms. Ann Lane Hawk: ESL Endorsement
    • Ms. Chelsea Lowy: ESL Endorsement
    • Mr. David Mannino: ESL Endorsement
    • Mrs. Michelle McKelvy: ESL Endorsement