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If you have information you would like us to share with the NPHS Community:

Choose your Announcement type:
  • Basic Announcement (the normal way): NPHS staff can email us your announcement via 1251-Announcements and we will announce it on the daily announcements as relevant. We can also schedule repeats for weekly or monthly events, just give us details.
  • Advertising Graphic: email Ms. Lord ([email protected]) if you would like us to create a graphic advertisement at the beginning or end of the announcements. One of my students (or one of Mrs. Rutherford’s) will design a graphic that we can show. This would be good for an online sale or other item that we could put up a QR code or link. Just send us text and images that you would like included. We can also create one for Mrs. Skelton to put on Social Media.
  • Specially Recorded Announcement: If you would like to have your own group/student leader record an announcement or special message please send an email to 1251-Announcements indicating the date and time you will send your student. 2 or more days before air date is preferred. We are not available Period 1 or 2 but any other class period is acceptable. Please include a copy of the script you wish your student to read and the date(s) you wish us to run the announcement.

Save the Date: Thursday, February 3 is SPIN Night for all clubs and groups on campus. Come and promote your activity to upcoming ninth grade families.


4H Club
Acedemic Club
Anime Club
Art Honor Society
Astronomy Club
Coexistence Club
Crypto Club
Dance Honor Society
Key Club
Fishing Club
K-Pop Club

Philosophy Club

Staff Advisor: Mrs. Backo Location: 8-201 Time: After School Days: First/Third Wednesday

Poetry Club


Staff Advisor: Julie King Location: Media Center Time: 5:30 Days: 2nd Monday of each month

Thespians Club
True Colors
VEX Robotics

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