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Want to share information with the NPHS Community?

Choose your Announcement type:
  • Basic Announcement (the normal way): NPHS staff can email us your announcement via 1251-Announcements and we will announce it on the daily announcements as relevant. We can also schedule repeats for weekly or monthly events, just give us details.
  • Advertising Graphic: email Ms. Lord ([email protected]) if you would like us to create a graphic advertisement at the beginning or end of the announcements. One of my students (or one of Mrs. Rutherford’s) will design a graphic that we can show. This would be good for an online sale or other item that we could put up a QR code or link. Just send us text and images that you would like included. We can also create one for Mrs. Skelton to put on Social Media.
  • Specially Recorded Announcement: If you would like to have your own group/student leader record an announcement or special message please follow the steps below:
      1. Craft a script/text announcement.
      2. Email 1251-Announcements with script/message and a requested date/time to film. Must be at least 2 days before you want it to air. We can film during period 3, 5, 6, 7, or 8 on any day.
      3. Coordinate your announcers and send them to 7-210 or agreed-upon location on the date/time scheduled.


4H Club
Acedemic Club
Anime Club
Art Honor Society
Astronomy Club
Coexistence Club
Dance Honor Society
Key Club

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