Art Honor Society

Staff Advisor: Chloe DuBois

Location: 2-118

Time: After School

Days: Thursday

The National Art Honor Society is a club for quiet, brilliant artists (they do not necessarily have to be quiet.) The club comes together every Thursday in room 2-118, which is Ms. Dubois’ classroom. Currently the members are working on a chess game art, each person is making a horse piece. They are not required to work on their piece every Thursdays, but it must be done in time for the Chess show coming up. One of the members named Tayjah says that “The club is a good environment for artists who need quiet or need a place to do personal or group artwork.” April 7th, 2022, the members (including Ms. Dubois) have an event at an Art Center at 6:30 PM. Non-members are welcomed and are treated the same way as long-time members. The club starts at 2:30 PM and usually ends at 3:30 PM. They specialize in clay art and sculpted figures like cups, plates, and even abstract creations. Individualism is very present and can be seen in every member. Some are better at digital art on a device, while others might be better at painting on canvases. There is no discrimination about how someone works on a project or collaboration. The merchandise for the club has the acronym NAHS in bold red, yellow, and orange colors.  


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