Dance Honor Society

Staff Advisor: Heather Nelson Location: 2-119 Time: After School Days: 2nd and 4th Tuesday


The first meeting of the National Honors Society of Dance on August 24, 2021, is led by none other than Heather Nelson and Michelle Slay. These two women run a very well-planned program. This is year 19 of the North Port Highschool Chapter for the National Honors Society for dance arts. In this program students are the ones who lead and take the wheel. Together they thrive as a community, the National Honors Society of Dance. 

On August 24, 2021 Heather Nelson held the first official meeting for the National Honors Society of Dance. In this meeting students learned of how they will be leading this creative cause. Since this organization is student led, students will be working together to plan and create ways to raise money for a noble cause. During this first meeting Heather Nelson states “We are a group of people who would like to improve their community through dance.” Sixteen students attend this first official meeting of the year for the National Honors Society for Dance. Also, if you would like to join, induction would be especially important, not only induction but you would need a 3.0 or higher, good attendance, character, and remember this a student led organization. 

To look forward to the rest of the year with the National Honors Society of Dance, some of the past events they have held are Carabbas night, Relay for Life, Movie nights, and they have also performed the Grinch who stole Christmas. To be inducted you must attend 6 out 8 meetings and have at least 30 points. The main idea of this society is the support and better their community through dance and hold opportunities for students to lead. The National Honors Society for Dance is something to look into for sure!! 


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