Boys Golf 9/14

Kody Hendrix

On 9/14/21, the North Port High School boys golf team travelled to Heron Creek. Their goal was to play the 9 holes of the “Oaks” course. With a group of 6 players, the team was set to finish the course by 6pm at the very latest. However, the Florida weather had other plans. Despite the rain having only cancelled one game this season prior to the 9/14/21 match, the team’s luck ran thin when a thunderstorm rolled over the green. Despite the looming weather, the team still played a substantial portion of the holes before being pulled off. 

The game itself was a match between NPHS and Sarasota High, and despite the overcast skies, there were many positives. For one, no players ended up hurt or injured thanks to a unique application given to all Sarasota County golf coaches. This app helps the coaches track weather, including a timer that tracks when ongoing rain should end. According to Coach Mayer, the application is “Rather accurate” and “Very useful.”  The coaches and golfers also have an app that allows for real-time tracking of scores. However, the use of technology in the rainy season of Florida also has one large drawback: water damage. Coach Mayer has already lost a phone this season to the rain, stating that he “Would not lose another this season” once the rain began to come down.  

Looking forward, the team plans to play this Thursday in an away game in Manatee County. The team plays on Tuesdays and Thursdays and has a sort of ‘give and take’ system with other teams. For example, the team will play a home game against another team, and then play an away game against the same team. Coach Mayer reasoned that this “Keeps one team from becoming too dominant on a home field,” and seemed to be hopeful about future success in games.