Mask Mandate Update!

Leny Ocasio, Editor

With the number of COVID-19 cases in Sarasota County steadily decreasing since the beginning of the school year, many parents are starting to become more impatient with lifting the mask mandate policy. Many local parents do not feel like there is still a need, as the number of covid cases on September 17, 2021, was at an 8.9%, which is roughly a 7% decrease since the introduction of the mask mandate in Sarasota County Schools.  

According to the Sarasota County Schools “the requirements regarding wearing a mask shall be automatically suspended any time the positivity rate for COVID-19 within Sarasota County drops below 8% for three (3) consecutive days.” 

Senior Kayla Toohill gave us an insight into her experience with the mask policy: 

“What has your experience wearing a mask been so far?” 

“It’s been alright, I don’t mind the masks.” 

“Have you run into any issues so far with the mask policy?” 

“I haven’t run into any issues so far.” 

“Do you wish there was still remote learning happening?” 

The next school board meeting will be held today September 21st, 2021. There will sure be some more information pertaining to the mask mandate policy.