Key Club

Staff Advisor: Teresa Temple

Location: 7-113

Time: After School

Days: 2nd and 4th tuesday


Key Club Informational Meeting 


Key club is a club for volunteering, you join the club and every second and fourth Tuesday of the month you volunteer with the club. People need to join this club, it promotes a helpful community and will make you feel great about yourself, being able to help people. You can also join the club to get your volunteer hours if you need any. The Key club is an amazing club and I hope you join it. 

The meeting was short due to the fact it was just an informational meeting. During the meeting they handed out applications students needed to fill out to join the club, the dues students needed to pay, they talked to everyone about the volunteer work the club does. Also, they informed people of the club faculty advisor Ms. Temple, the Kiwanis advisor Jaqui Clarke-Naklen, and the board members which are as follows, Trista Marino (President) Sydney Carroll (VP) Kai Bierley (Secretary) Brooke Matthews (Treasurer) Ethny Indico (Webmaster) and Zeke Dickman (Historian). The meeting was short, but I learned everything I needed to know. 

The Key Club already has plans for the near future and they are good ones. The first one is called Stuff the Bus, it’s Sunday September 26th 9am-1pm at the North Port Walmart. Another volunteer event the Key Club has planned is the Cross-Country Invitational, it is at our school at 6:45am they need help to pass out waters and more it should end around 9:45am. If you are free, I strongly suggest you join the Key Club and help with these volunteer events, it would be great.  




“Key club and what they do key club is a club all about the community and what they do is cleanups and donations and much more they have helped a lot of people and there is much more to come. Brooke Matthews “key club is a great way to get involved in the community and invoke in service projects” (Justin Lanterman )

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