Weekly Astrology

September 20-26

September 20-26

Aries – This week you are going to have a lot of action. You have an opportunity to enter an amazing relationship if you take the chance. You and a friend or college will have an amazing flow of ideas as you work together. 

Taurus – This week you are going to keep your head down and push through obstacles. You are going to have a clear mind and be highly organized. You are going to try and start being healthier and using healthier products. 

Gemini – This week for you is going to be very free nothing can hold you back. You might have plans to see someone you have plans for vacation and be excited about it. When you wake up you question why you are cautious, and you want to be free so you might play hooky and have fun. 

Cancer – This week you might gain something and lose something in the process. You might want to bring more family into your life have more memories of them around. You have a full schedule, and you might get an amazing opportunity so you must make room for it in your schedule. 

Leo – This week you are very brave as usual. You need to see yourself better so you can have an amazing relationship. You are finding a new way to travel, blazing a new path for yourself this week. 

Virgo – This week you might find help so keep your eyes open. You might get more responsibility and get more benefits because of your splendid work. Be careful not to get caught up in anything or waist anything on something someone else told you, you should get. 

Libra – This week you are forming new boundaries. You might notice someone making a move on you, you should take the risk. You might have the desire to get into shape this week. 

Scorpio – This week you will find new doors opening and more resources. You might get energy/power from your ancestors and get their help. You might have a lot of chances to make some money this week. 

Sagittarius – This week opportunities are arriving. You might get a terrific opportunity this week from an old friend. A friend you have known for a while might make a move for something more. 

Capricorn – This week the changes you have been waiting for are occurring. You might get a lot more confidence this week and do something about it. You will become more creative this week and produce a lot of current= ideas. 

Aquarius – This week your decisions will not be forgotten. You might go stay with a friend and have fun. You might be worried about others more than usual this week. 

Pisces – This week you might get some material opportunities. You could get an important guest this week so be on the lookout. You might be able to keep your finances or your family’s finances in check. 

Weekly Astrology

September 27 – October 3 Aries - You will be steady and calm this week. Your week won't be very eventful but still important because you are working on your future goals. You might have deep interactions with others and want to solve mysteries, keep an open mind and take the high road.  Taurus – This week is going to be slow, but progress will happen for you this week so don’t be so impatient. You might want things to move quickly but they won't not as fa...

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