30 September Daily Announcements

Good morning Bobcats! Today is Thursday, September 30, 2021.


Come and see “Puffs!” with the Theatre department, Friday or Saturday at 7pm or Sunday at 3pm.

Today is the last day to vote for Homecoming Court on Blackboard.

Hispanic Heritage month is here, and the World Languages department would like to share some amazing facts about the countries that composed the Hispanic speaking world. At the end of each presentation, we will announce a trivia question, and the first person to go to Sra. Duque with the correct answer during the transition from 2nd to 3rd period will get a price. Sra. Duque is in Building 7 room 207.


  • Panamá it’s a country in central America and its capital is Panamá city.
  • Spanish is the official language.
  • Population is approximately 3.8 million. It has an area of 75.420 square miles.
  • The currency is Balboa.
  • The climate is characterized as tropical maritime.
  • An interesting fact is that Panama is the only country in the world in which you can see the sun rise in in the Pacific Ocean and set on the Atlantic Ocean
  • The main attraction is to see ships transiting through the Panama Canal
  • Some typical foods are ceviche y sancocho.
  • Baseball is Panama’s national sport
  • One important celebration is Separation Day from Colombia.
  • Some famous people from Panamá are baseball player Rod Carew, and Mariano Rivera.

Trivia question: What was the interesting fact that we shared about Panama?


  • Welcome to Argentina!
  • Argentina’s capital is Buenos Aires and their language is Spanish.
  • The country’s population is 44 million and it has an area of 1.074 million square miles.
  • Their currency is Argentinian Pesos and the climate varies with the seasons, hot and humid in the summers and very cold in the winter, especially in the south.
  • Main touristic destinations are Cataratas de Iguazu, Buenos Aires, and Tierra del Fuego.
  • The most famous Argentinian foods are Medialunas, empanadas, facturas and alfajores.
  • Main sports are Soccer, basketball, rugby and pato.
  • Famous Argentinians are soccer player Lionel Messi, singer Gustavo Cerati and the liberator General San Martin.
  • Important celebrations are Christmas, Carnaval and the three king magi every January 6th.
  • And now trivia time: name two popular sports in Argentina?

Remember. Bring your answer during the next transition to Sra. Duque at 7-207


After School!

After School tutoring in the media center is available from Monday through Thursday each week.

ACT/SAT tutoring will happen every Thursday in room 8-205 from 2:30 – 4:00 for any student wanting to raise his or her test score or to obtain an FSA concordant score.

On Friday October 1, FCA the Fellowship of Christian Athletes will meet during all lunches. The location is room 1-203 in the Media Center. Pizza is provided.

TSA will be selling their engraved tumblers during Block Party on Wednesday.

Remember, if you want to ride the late bus Monday through Thursday, you must sign in at the media center by 2:30pm. Then, be at the PAC parking lot to catch the bus by 4:45pm.


North Port Works, North Port Wins! Go Bobcats! Have a great day and be your Bobcat Best!