Cross Country September 18th, 2021

Jayden Tapley


North Port runners and their coaches smile after taking home a #1 victory at their 74 team meet. (Jayden Tapley)

On September 18, 2021, there was a very big cross-country meet. Thousands of people crowded around the track field at 7am to watch their teams compete in a race. It was very wet outside, and the grass was mushy, so many runners found that difficult. It was a very competitive race. Both boys and girls averaged around 15 minutes to fully complete. Many runners for the Bobcats happily were one of the first ones to cross the finish line. 

Many runners were not the most satisfied with the conditions they had to run in. According to Kurt White, a runner on the boy’s teams, “The ground was a much different substance than running on grass. Running on it kills your legs.” Kaila Smith found these conditions to be the hardest part of running that morning. What she had to say was, “the hardest part during running was the mud, there was a lot of mud. It made it more difficult. Many Bobcat runners were proud of how far they got, and it all came from pushing themselves. Amber Turners favorite part of the event was that she beat her PR. What motivates her is stated when she said, “I just think about the end and how good it is going to feel.” Mila Synder has a similar view when she states, “my favorite part is the finish.” The finish tends to make an individual proud of themselves. Some people, such as Alejandro Portillo, did cross country to prep for something else. According to him, “I did cross country to get ready for track season.”  

There were many different challenges, but the Bobcats got far. The bonds between the teammates are really what has brought the Bobcats this far. Many goals were achieved by these runners even regarding the mud they had to face.