K-Pop Club

Staff Advisor: Kathryn Mano and Thomas Mayer

Location: 5-101

Time: After School

Days: Thursday


K-pop has about 13-14 member currently, the k-pop club meets together in room 101, building 5… on the Promethean board there are usually images of Korean artists… After about 10-15 mins the images switches to YouTube music videos, and the creator/teacher (Ms. Katt) provides coloring utensils, food, and drinks for the members. During music time today (11/18/21), Ms. Katt says “I am planning a trip and will bring back Korean food and snacks.” The overall mission for the club is to create a safe environment for people, and lovers of Korean music, it doesn’t have to be specifically K-pop or the pop genre… The music taste spectrum for the members is very wide! Students of many different races and identities attend this club, walking in to the room you immediately feel welcome and accepted. The members can actually break out dancing and won’t being judged by their peers.

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