Poetry Club

Staff Advisor: Nicole Kennedy

Location: 8-114

Time: After School

Days: 1st Wednesday of the month

On Thursday March 24th, 2022, I attended the Poetry Club meeting. This club is all about people coming together and discussing poetry and literature. Usually during their meetings, the poetry club goes over the topic of the meeting, discusses the theme of that topic, and they all get to share a poem they wrote.  

To start off the meeting, Mrs. Kennedy shares a PowerPoint, gives an example of a poem, and discusses the topic for that day. During this particular meeting, the topic of the poem was going to be spring, and what it means in literature. Usually, the students write a poem every meeting, so this week they would have written one about spring. The students write a poem, then share with their fellow students and discuss the topic. Unfortunately, during this week’s meeting, the students did not attend because it has been a while since the last meeting.  

Every meeting, the students meet and discuss literature and poetry to expand their knowledge. They discuss a poem Mrs. Kennedy shares, then they write one of their own and share it to the class based off the topic of the day. This club is perfect for anyone who loves poetry. They meet in Mrs. Kennedy’s room 8-114 on Thursdays, and sometimes Mrs. Kennedy even brings cookies for the group! 


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