Thespians Club

Staff Advisor: Ryan Oliver

Location: PAC Lobby

Time:  After School

Days: 1st Wednesday


Grace Williams, the president, was unable to attend therefore the meeting was ran by Vice President, Genevieve Devries (Me). To start the meeting Genevieve first thanked everyone for coming and went over the details for banquet. She mentioned that it is on May 12th, where the sign up sheet to help with banquet is, and whether everyone wanted to eat at the banquet or not. Next she collected forms for the outer space themed lock-in that is on that Saturday and everyone gave their money to Kyla Burns, the treasurer.  

Next, Genevieve moved onto what the meeting was really about, voting. At the last meeting, members were nominated for board positions and had a month, till the next meeting, to create speeches and campaign for themselves, if they wished. Only three positions had more than one person running for it, Secretary, assistant clerk, and the most anticipated spot, president. Sophomore Kylee Patterson are running against Sophomore Morgan Rand for Assistant Clerk. Freshman Hannah Gore and Freshman Isabella Valentino are running for Assistant Clerk. Junior Jake Kearney and Junior Aden Lillevold are running for President. At the banquet the current officers will announce the new officers are. To end the meeting all of the seniors had to leave that way the underclassman could plan senior night, which is a complete

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