Staff Advisor: Ken Jakoby

Location: 4-107

Time: After School

Days: Wednesday


What It Takes to Become Sergeant-At-Arms  

Now you may be wondering what Sergeant-At-Arms is? Sergeant-At-Arms is a key role as a TSA (Technology Student Association) officer. They hold the door open to the meeting to greet the lovely members of the association. They also set up the meeting (setting up chairs and the tables), make sure everyone is happy, and if they are not happy, try to make them happy. Lastly, they bring refreshments. Not only do you serve as the officer in your chapter, but can serve as that position at state level and national level, but it takes a lot more work to be Sergeant-At-Arms at state level. The Sergeant-At-Arms state officer this year is Emily Paraboschi, she was kind enough to give us some advice to become Sergeant-At-Arms at state level. Emily started TSA in 6th grade, but became a state officer in her junior year. What it takes to be Sergeant-At-Arms at state level is completely different, “You need to understand yourself, make time for it, find the resources to become Sergeant-At-Arms or become a better Sergeant-At-Arms, last but definitely not least is to make sure you are social,” said Emily. You also learn something’s while being a state officer. You get to learn better leading skills, you can use this skill to keep your job moving, and to get a promotion because if your boss sees you can lead a group, you would be a great boss. You also learn more information about your position. Now let us step it up a notch, let us say you are a Sergeant-At-Arms at national level, you must lead TSA for the WHOLE nation. You can take these skills you learn from being an officer for TSA and use them later in your life. For example, being social can lead you to networking with important people that can get you great jobs in high places. It can also just help you make friends. I hope as you read this, it made you want to join TSA to become an officer. Anyone is welcome to join, if you’re scared and just want to see what it is about, come check it out. If you do not like it, then you do not have to come back, but if you like it, keep coming back!! 

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