Joel Thame an Outstanding Student Within the Community


Lauren Voss

Joel Thame is joined by Mia Haynes as 2021 Homecoming Court is announced.

Lillian Kochenderfer , Editor

This past week, Senior Class President Joel Thame became a 20th Anniversary Anne Frank Humanitarian Award Honoree. The award honors outstanding humanitarian efforts by teens of Sarasota County and its neighboring counties. In 2001 Irene Weiss decided that people needed to start focusing on the good that students do, not just the bad. So, the Anne Frank Humanitarian Award was born. Joel has been an active member of the community and the school for all his high school career. Along with being Senior Class President, Joel is an active member of Student Government (SGA), President of National Honor Society, Former Vice President and State Vice President of Future Educators of America, and Secretary of the Student Advisory Council (SAC). Joel is also an Activities Coordinator with the Alliance Marching Band, along with a four-year member of the Alliance. Along with his leadership positions, Joel has volunteered at Woodland Middle School to help with the band program, along with volunteering with NHS.  

When Joel got the news that he was a recipient of the award, he felt deeply honored. ” I wanted my voice heard,” explained Joel. “I wanted to expand my leadership skills and leave a lasting impact on North Port High School. Truly I just wanted to spread my positivity and shine a light on a dull school.” He has certainly done so, from helping set up homecoming to helping advocate for the senior class, Joel has always been able to put his opinion into the mix. “Looking back, I would have told my freshmen self to do what makes you content, and don’t worry about how other people are going to perceive you.” 

Joel Thame is joined by Mia Haynes as 2021 Homecoming Court is announced. (Lauren Voss)