Weekly Astrology

September 27 – October 3

September 27 – October 3

Aries – You will be steady and calm this week. Your week won’t be very eventful but still important because you are working on your future goals. You might have deep interactions with others and want to solve mysteries, keep an open mind and take the high road. 

Taurus – This week is going to be slow, but progress will happen for you this week so don’t be so impatient. You might want things to move quickly but they won’t not as fast as you want them to, but change will happen. 

Gemini – You are usually in tune with the feelings of the people around you, when you meet a stranger, you know what they feel at their core. But this week you might notice that you are having trouble understanding others feelings, so try and take it slow for this week. 

Cancer – It’s important for you to check up on your desires and what you want to do with your life. Right now, you need to find out if you still desire the same things. You need to shed your old skin and find out new things you want, but no matter what you do you will still be you. 

Leo – Lately you have been proven wrong on a lot of things. Your week has been very bad, you have learned new things about people, bad things and you trust them less. But later in the week you realize that people might exceed your expectations and you might learn new joys. 

Virgo – People this week keep trying to change your mind about things because it makes it more convenient for them. But you don’t owe anyone anything, you’re allowed to have your own opinions. If you’re going to change your opinions really think about it. 

Libra – Just because you are a good person, it does not mean you have to live a boring life. You don’t have to be shamed into not doing things you want to do. This week is a chance for you to stand up for yourself to let others know kindness matters. 

Scorpio – When you don’t know who to believe in it would be easier for you to believe in the ones who treat you disrespectfully than who treat you well. Rude people don’t try to hide their motives, but some people will try and manipulate you with kindness. Some will be genuine, just don’t trust everyone. 

Sagittarius – Sometimes you must move forward no matter what, even if you leave some questions unanswered. But this week you have the chance to catch up on things. If something is affecting you, this is the week to put everything right. 

Capricorn – Right now don’t expect everything to go perfectly and don’t expect others to do everything perfectly. Let your mistakes be new milestones in life. A new life will open for you an amazing one if you let yourself make a mistake every once in a while. 

Aquarius – If you had power, you could create a beautiful world. But knowing that makes walking around in this world very difficult. Sometimes you just want to hide and get away from people. But you can’t and this week if you let people annoy you, you might find new dreams, a path to a better world. 

Pisces – Powerful people are trying to manipulate you and convince you that what you hear is safe and clean. This week you need to ignore anyone who is trying to throw off your moral compass. You might fall off track but don’t worry, you won’t be misled for long. 

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