Senior Sunrise

Tyler Mann, Journalist

Senior Sunrise is a tradition at many high schools where that year’s graduating class gathers together to celebrate their accomplishments and their futures. All the students gather together and watch the sun rise and most times do some sort of release. It could also be balloons, lanterns or some other object but is usually balloons. The students use this time to try and cherish what they have while also looking forward to what life has in store for them. The senior sunrise at North Port has always been held at the football field and has had good participation. It is one of the events that seniors look forward to during spirit week. For many is symbolizes the end of their journey through school and a new day rising on what they want after high school. 

At this year’s senior sunrise, it was a great success. SGA showed up at 6am to start setting up the bleachers, blow up balloons, set out the breakfast cooked by culinary as well as play music. At about 6:45 many of the senior students began to arrive at the field and began to get settled for the event, breakfast was served to those who wanted it and many grabbed the helium balloons and wrote inspirational messages on them to release into the air. While waiting one student Azure Heck said “It’s kinda sad but inspirational at the same time” Once most of the students had arrived and the sun was about to rise everybody made their way onto the field and began to get ready to watch the sun. Those who got balloons without helium in them were going to stomp them while others released theirs. Once the sun was almost on the horizon at about 7:20 the students counted down and released/stomped their balloons. Taylor Rand said that “It’s weird to think we are celebrating leaving but also nice”. This seemed to be a common sentiment as Evan Bertis-Sample says “It would be nice to stay, but it would also be nice to leave”. After the balloon release the students stayed for a few more minutes to watch the sun peak its head over the trees and light up the field. Overall, the event accomplished its goal of bringing students together to celebrate both where they are and where they will be. 

Looking forward there will be many more senior events to celebrate their time here at North Port high. There will be homecoming, prom, senior night and other big events further along in the year to help the seniors end their twelve years of a school with a bang. These events allow the students to have fun while they’re young and forget about the stressors of life for a while. The only current concern is whether or not the district will continue to allow events will large gatherings as the year goes on. With a little luck all will goes as planned and this year’s graduating class will have a year to remember fondly.