How to Spend Your HERO Points

HERO Points Menu




5 pts.

Mini Candy

Pencil Accessories

1 Pen (blue/black ink)




10 pts.

        Water                                   Notebook

Chips                                    Folder

Crackers                              Pack of paper

Fruit Snacks                          Pack of pencils OR Pens (blue/black ink)




20 pts.

        Soda                                     Oreos

Orange Juice                      Mentos

Little Bites                              Pop Tart OR Cereal Bar

Markers                                 Pack of Highlighters






40 pts.

Gatorade                              Gel Pens


Ø Pass to the Front of the Lunch Line

Ø Erase 1 Tardy (can be done only 1x per quarter )

Ø 1 Pass to Home Athletic Event

Ø 1 Pass to a PAC Theatre Play



80 pts.

North Port High T-shirt






100 pts.


Ø “HERO of the WEEK” Parking in specially designated spot in front of the school for 1 week.  (Only one spot available.) See HERO table at lunch for availability list and to sign up. Pts forfeited at time of signup.


Ø “BEAT THE CROWD” Early dismissal for one week. You will leave class 4 minutes early at the end of the day.  You may not leave campus early. Teachers will be emailed weekly names.                                                                                             (Limited to 5 per week.)  See HERO table at lunch for availability list. Pts forfeited at time of signup.




125 pts.

Once Monthly

Pizza with Mrs. Fusco last 30 mins of 8th period, then dismissed during “BEAT THE CROWD.”

Ø (Limited to 4 students at this time.)

Ø You are responsible for any missed work.

Ø See HERO table for availability/sign up.