HERO Registration Intructions

How to register for a HERO account.

EVERY STUDENT needs to register for a HERO student account.

Step 1:

Go to the website access.heropowered.com


Step 2:

Click “Students”


Step 3:

Click “Create an Account”


Step 4: 

Enter student email and use the same password used for their computer access. Click “Create User”.

Step 5:

Click “Close”, followed by “Add Student”

Step 6:

Click “No”

Step 7:

Enter information required and click “Add Student”. Use student #N.



  • Available for both Apple & Android
  • Search “Hero – Students”
    • Download the BLUE app, not the Red app

Sign in using your school email and pin

  • Any problems/errors? Go back to the computer, log in, click the gear in the upper right corner to check your settings.
    • The email listed there should match what you enter on the cell phone app.