Life Skills and Their Impact on Education

Tyler Mann, Journalist

Over the past few years, it has become normal for schools nationwide to begin removing courses that offer life skill development and hands on learning. This is mostly because of potential student dangers and how society has changed over the course of time, but how does the elimination of these classes impact the students in school? Some students say, “These classes helped us learn things other than how to get good test scores. 

In the past these classes allowed students to become more useful to themselves and others, but now these classes have been taken away so many young people do not know how to perform simple household tasks without turning to the internet. The lack of these skills leads some to believe that “Soon whatever is on the internet is all we’ll know”.

With the future of the world in this generation’s hands it is more important than ever to ensure that these students have the proper skills to promote growth and prosperityIn addition to just learning these skills these programs allow students to try and even fail, but this lets them learn from mistakes and provides for a more useful and fulfilling education because they understand what they are doing. “If we want young people to learn new useful things and not depend on the internet, they have to have a chance to learn new things without the internet”. 

If we want to ensure skills and knowledge from older generations transfers to younger generations, we must reintroduce hands-on classes “Imagine young people graduating from school with excellent scores but not knowing the first thing about coping with reality.” “Couldn’t Communicate Effectively” or “handle their money” (