The World of Robotics Club

Connor Catropa, Journalist

Robotics club is a place where students can join and help make robots and have them compete in events with other schools. Robotics Club is where students will learn how to build and use technology to make robots. Right now, robotic club got done with the field, which changes every year. This year it is a field called tipping point. There are two see-saw and there are 36 purple rings called pringles because they look like pringles, there are also 7 different goals. 3 big ones the in middle and 4 more spilt among the two sides. There are many different ways to earn points by putting the purple rings in the goal or using the see-saws. Right, we are looking up good ideas for making a robot and how we will try earning points. We are probably going go with a robot with a conveyor belt that points upward and can grab the purple rings, then the robot can also pick up one or two of the goals and we will drop the rings into the goal and carry the goal(s) up to the see-saw and we will put the robot, the goal(s), and rings onto the saw-see and balance everything to win to 70 or more points. The robot and one of the goals can earn us 70 points, and the rings are one point. There are many different ways to earn points with different robots. The way we are thinking might be the best way for us to win. 

Randy Ricardo was interviewed:

How long have you been doing robotics? “I been doing robotics for 4 to 5 years” 

Who is on your team? “Connor, Me, Bryanna, and Matthew” 

What some difficulties in robotics? “Programing, competition, and travel expensive”  

Do you think this game mode is going be more difficult to win the others? “Yes, this one looks difficult because the others one were push”  

What is one of your favorite memories in robotics? “Orlando trip when we went to Disney resort for like 6 hours”