29 October Daily Announcements

Good morning Bobcats, today is Friday, October 29, 2021


DFY CATCH members are participating in a GHOST OUT day of silence Friday 10-29-21 and are wearing black in silence to represent the ghosts of those that have died due to hazardous chemicals from drugs and smoking. You are more than welcome to dress in black as well to show your support for staying Drug Free and recognizing the Ghosts from an industry that continues targeting teens and making them lab rats for toxic substances. We promise to answer to teachers and administrators if necessary, though we would like to remain silent throughout today with a break at lunch.

Students in DFY CATCH will be silent Friday to resemble the millions of people who die every year due to drug use and tobacco, and their unspoken voices of stories they couldn’t tell.

DFY CATCH Members will be have information for friends, peers, teachers, and staff, to spread awareness of the dangers of drug and tobacco use. Please visit the cafeteria display to see the many chemicals found in vape and cigarette smoke. The student silence stands for the common tragedy that is overlooked as “the norm”. The deliberate silence of DFY CATCH members echoes that silence, which is cause by an industry that kills more than 420,000 Americans and more than 4,000,000 people worldwide every year. The Clubs mission is to spread awareness of the effects of tobacco. Let’s put an end to drug and tobacco use, marketing, and targeting of youth! Teen vaping/smoking has increased 20% in the last 2 years. This generation should be the generation that ends this epidemic. Help us spread awareness and stop the marketing of poisonous chemicals directed at youth.

DFY CATCH asks you to consider these Big Tobacco FACTS:

Chemicals found in cigarette smoke: 7,000

Number of people who die in the U.S. from smoking related illnesses every year: 480,000

Number of people who die from smoking related illnesses every day: 1,300

Number of Floridians who die from smoking related illnesses every day: 89

Thank you for supporting our unified assault against the manipulation of teens from Big Tobacco.


News from the Student Success Center!

All grades! The big tests for college are coming. If you’re wishing to do good on the ACT/SAT, Ms. Deal has you covered! Every Thursday in Building 8-205, come for tutoring which lasts from 2:30PM to 3:30PM, English is every Thursday with Math being every other Thursday!


If you were selected for unity day, please bring your signed form back to Mr. Mannino in room 8-204, or bring to Ms. King in the main office. Please bring those forms back ASAP. They are due 1 November.


The Coexistence Club is sponsoring a holiday food drive for the months of November and December. You can bring your non-perishable foods to room 8-204 at any time between now and 17 December. We will give away what we have right before Thanksgiving and then right before the Holiday Break in December. Whatever you can contribute would be appreciated!


This year we have a special Fall Dance Concert event presented by North Port High School’s Visual and Performing Arts Dance Department, Tchaikovsky’s The Sleeping Beauty and Travels Near and Far. These two performances on November 5th will feature two dynamic casts of outstanding VPA Dance students performing at 6:30pm and 8:00pm. Each performance will begin with Tchaikovsky’s The Sleeping Beauty ballet prologue complete with waltzing courtiers, tenderhearted fairies bringing blessings for an infant princess Aurora, and the malevolent fairy Cara boss intent on vengeful wrath! The second part of the evening’s program is a fast-paced exhibition of contemporary dance and modern jazz that will feature choreography by New York City based company director Jon Lehrer and demonstrate the outstanding versatility of the NPHS VPA Dance students.


Students! If you need help filling out your FAFSA or Florida Bright Futures Scholarship applications to attend the FAFSA open house on November 8th at SCF Venice from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Admission is free for everyone. Please make sure to register for the event and check what you must bring on the website. https://edfoundationsrq.org/event/fafsa-open-house-nov-8/




FCA meets during all lunches on Friday in the TEL Studio.


After School!


Tutoring continues Monday through Thursday each week in the Media Center until 3:30. To ride the late bus at 5pm, make sure to sign up between 2:15 and 2:30 in the media center, before reporting to your after school activity.


North Port Works, North Port Wins, Go Bobcats!