Gallery Owner Talks to NPHS Students on November 15th

Ever want to know what life was like in 1980s New York City when rap was new and graffiti art was a crime? Come to the talk that will be given by Patti Astor to the Coexistence Club after school on November 15th in room 8-204. Astor was the first gallery owner to show graffiti art with one-man shows. Her FUN Gallery is a great example of how many kinds of people getting along and working together can produce amazing art. She had punk rockers, rappers, break-dancers, poets, singers, and of course artists all working together, forgetting about their differences, and creating exciting art. A great deal of the artists that had their first shows there like Keith Haring, Basquiat and Dondi are household names now. If you don’t recognize their names, you would recognize their work. The FUN Gallery was a great example of unity and people working in harmony to make great art. Come to the talk on November 15th in 8-204. She will be joining us from California via Zoom. Be there!  

We hope you will join us for the Patti Astor Talk sponsored by Coexistence Club, Monday November 15th at 2:30pm in room 8-204.

Hosted by Mr. Mannino.