Film Making Club


Staff Advisor: 8-204

Location: Mr. Mannino

Time: After School

Days: Thursday


The film club held its first meeting on March 30, 2022, the general topics were getting to know each other and attempting to pitch ideas surrounding the club, favorite movies, and what films to watch. The club is run by Noah Shields, and he is attempting to get this club up and running for the 2022-23 school year. The club meetings are on Wednesdays from 2:30pm-3:30pm. The club meets on 8-204, at the same time as the co-existence club, both sponsored by Mr. Mannino!  

Drinks and food are provided during the club meeting, and the club is focused on bringing a community together to come and watch movies together. The future for the club is to create a safe hangout for the students to attend and relax.  

The club wrapped up with a few members creating a list of movies that they would like to watch. Also, a friendly reminder to have fun! 


Club creator Noah Shields had a lot to say about his new club! 

What is the club about? 

“The club is mainly about celebrating each other’s artistic abilities.” 

Why did you start the club? 

“My passion in life is to help others and be the person for them that I didn’t have growing up. I would like for the club to be a safe place for everyone.” 

What would new members have to look forward to when they attend club meetings? 

“A safe space for them to be a part of! The club is a judgement free zone, and to have fun!” 

What apps do you use to create films? 

“I mostly have done a lot of writing and dabbled in Tik Tok shorts. It is mostly a hobby.” 

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